Hi everyone,
I’m putting together a second kit order, which I’m looking to place by the end of the month.

Thanks to Barry W for his hard work, the new style kit is now available to order and pay for through the online shop on the club website.
There are a few key points to mention;
The closing date for this order will be 31st January. Delivery can be expected around 4 weeks after that.
For this second order, we will offer the same prices as with the initial order. For subsequent orders the revised prices as in the table (attached) will apply.
Personalisation options are available for each of the items;
Shirt, Hoodie, Tracksuit top – Forename for the front right side of the chest, and surname to the back.
Tracksuit trousers and shorts – Surname or initials to the right thigh area.

We’re working with Double-G and the factory in India to produce WNSC branded leggings, to match the rest of the kit, and as an alternative to the tracksuit trousers, probably more for the girls.
They won’t be available for this order, but mention them in case you’d rather wait than order tracksuit trousers. I’ll update you as soon as I know more.
JUNIOR – 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14