The organisation and operation of West Norfolk Swimming Club is the responsibility of its committee. The committee is charged with organising the efficient running of the club in a way that follows the Club Constitution as determined at the AGM. All committee members are elected to their posts and offer their time freely as volunteers.

The duties of the committee are wide ranging and encompass all aspects of the clubs administration such as finances, membership, welfare, pool hire, liaison with external organisations, organisation of competitions, discipline, sponsorship, social events and of course supporting the club’s coaching team.

The committee aims to meet monthly to discuss any issues related to the running of the club. They discuss both long-term issues in a planning capacity as well as more immediate issues that arise during the course of the swimming year.

Our current committee members, as of our last AGM in May 2019, are:


Simon Rose


Committee Simon

Vice Chair

Mary Grimmer


Committee Mary


Stuart Bellamy

Committee Stuart

Secretary & Fixtures

Lois Addis

Committee Lois

Membership Secretary

Marnie Barsby & Carolyn Steele


Committee MarnieCommittee Carolyn

Social & Fundraising Chair

Bianca Sturge

Committee Bianca

Membership secretary

Marnie Barsby


Committee Marnie

Development officer

Darren Peck

Committee Darren

Welfare Officer & Qualifications

Debbie Skittrell


Press Officers

Simon rose, Lew Wells



Committee SimonCommittee Lewis

Club Shop

Julie Parker & Dawn Carton


Committee JulieCommittee Dawn

Covid 19 Officer

Sarah Vanderloo & Rebecca Daniels



Meet Promoter

Amanda Bellamy


Swim Mark

Paul Skittrell



Ordinary Member, Supporting Chair & Swim Mark

Stewart Murray

Commitee Stewart

 Ordinary Member

Lewis Wells

Committee Lewis


Ordinary Member

Rachel Malton

Committee Rachel

Ordinary Member

Julie Parker

Committee Julie

Ordinary Member

Barry White

Commitee Barry

Ordinary Member

Cheryl Rose



Ordinary Member

Suzanne Curl

Committee Suzanne

Ordinary Member

Hayley Collins


Ordinary Member

Claire Evans


Ordinary Member

Michelle Yeaman