At the bottom of the page is an enquiry form, if you are interested in joining the club please fill in as much of the details as possible, most important is name and contact details and then click send enquiry.

What are the benefits of joining our Club?

The prime reason for joining is to further develop your swimming skills, however the benefits to members go far beyond this.

Learning how to compete, to win and to lose, is a lesson for life. As is the development of the mental approach needed for disciplined, structured and at times tough training cycles. This requires commitment, which is an important element in training and in competition. The ability to schedule all these activities with school and social life is a good preparation for management of time in the future. The nature of the physical activity involved provides a focus in life that might be missing or which could be found in less productive areas. You may also become more interested in having a healthy diet.

Meeting people from who share a common interest and goal both enhances confidence and social skills. Don't be surprised if new friendships develop. And for parents, you will meet others who have children involved in the Club and you too will make friends who have common interests.

Striving to improve performances becomes part of family life. It may sound odd, but it's true. The whole family usually turns out to be interested and supportive of what becomes a common goal. All in all, the social benefits of joining the Club are probably as great as the swimming ones.


How to join WNSC Swimming Club?

We have strong links with Dolphins Swim School and Alive West Norfolk who provide many of the swimming lessons in the West Norfolk area, with the swimming teachers fully aware of the minimum criteria we require to join the club (detailed below). 

Minimum criteria for joining:

  • Good technique that can be held over 50 metres on frontcrawl and backstroke and 25m breastroke
  • Coachability – how receptive a swimmer is to instruction and wanting to learn
  • Age – 7-10 year olds in particular with good technique (older swimmers my be considered if they show good technique, stamina and coachability)
  • Swimming in Level 6 upwards i.e. can swim 50m without stopping and 25m with good technique on each stroke

Swimmers will either be invited to trial with one of our groups or asked to attend our next open trials session. Successful swimmers will be given details of membership and training fees and invited to join one of our training squads within the club dependant on their abilities and space within the club.

If you are an established competitive swimmer looking to join the club, we would be happy to discuss how WNSC can help you continue your swimming journey. If you feel this applies please contact our Head Coach Sarah Vanderloo