Our Club needs you!

New Officials! We are an ever-expanding Club, entering lots of competitions, be they Leagues or Open Meets, and as many of our kids as possible get swims for us, wearing the purple hat that we’re all so proud of.

However, we need your help.  At any event that we compete in we need to provide Officials, those pesky devils dressed in white that have the unenviable job of making sure the rules are followed.  In fact, at Open Meets, the more swimmers we have at an event, the bigger the number of Officials we are obliged to provide.  We are really grateful for the current Officials we have, who regularly volunteer and do a great job for us.  However we want to make sure that it’s not always down to the same few people to do all the volunteering.  Obviously, if an event doesn’t have enough Officials, it can’t go ahead.  And at some events if we don’t provide enough Officials, they will not let us enter, and we definitely don’t want our swimmers to miss out due to lack of volunteers from parents/helpers.

Training for Officials is organised by the County.  There is a structured system of training, which is moving online followed by mentoring poolside, before you’re let loose on your own!  We’ve got a great team of experienced Officials who will be more than happy to support new people going through, and it’s not difficult, we will help you along.

Plus, at Meets, it means you get free entry, usually get fed several times, and are actually gainfully employed through the day rather than sitting around all day for tiny snippets of swimming every few hours!

If you’d like to speak to one of us about what it involves, please speak to Stewart Murray (our most experienced and highly qualified Referee), or anyone else you know from the team of officials, committee or coaches that we have.  We will all be happy to help you.

If you’re happy to put your name forward to undertake Level 1 training, please email Stewart Murray on chair@westnorfolksc.co.uk and he will get back to you.



If you have some time to spare and would like to get more involved in your club there are many ways that you could help.

We always need help poolside, if this sounds daunting please don’t let it put you off, the coaches will always welcome support from enthusiastic parents and older swimmers.

Behind the scenes there is also a lot of work to do. If you are not ready to join our committee, there are still ways that you could help them with one of the administrative tasks. The club is managed just like any commercial enterprise and ever increasing government legislation obliges us to be more accountable in every aspect of the clubs affairs. If you have skills in;  IT, finance, payroll or general admin to name but a few, I am sure we can make use of them. If you would like to speak to someone about volunteering please contact one of the committe members, coaches or email Sarah Vanderloo headcoach@westnorfolksc.co.uk.