Below is the WNSC squad structure. 

Included at the bottom of the page are documents for each of the squads showing, Training sessions, Expectations, Focus, Equipment needed 



Our club structure facilitates suitable and progressive squads / training hours in order to allow swimmers to reach their full potential. Young swimmers will progress through the initial Academy, Development & Potential squads into one of the following sections:

  • Performance section – Swimmers competing at Regional and English National level
  • Competitive section – The main pathway through the club for swimmers competing at County level
  • Club section – Swimmers with less interest in competition, swimming mainly for fitness or supporting other sports and interests

Our Competitive and Performance sections aim to be in line with (and develop swimmers in line with) the British Swimming Optimal Athlete Development Framework (OADF) and will continue to evolve in this manner. For the 2023-24 season these squads now have specific characteristics, attitudes and behaviours that swimmers can look to develop as they progress through our squads on their swimming journey.

Swimmers are assessed on joining WNSC and regularly thereafter to ensure they continue to be assigned to an appropriate training squad in accordance with their age, physical maturity, training ability and performance level as well as their personal goals. Each squad has clear expectations and swimmers are advised to attend sessions as regularly as possible, failure to do so will result in slow progression and may prevent the swimmer reaching their full potential and jeopardise their place in their squad.

Each squad has specific expectations and standards to be maintained by the swimmers in it, however there are some general values and expectations which apply to swimmers in all squads. Whilst WNSC are first and foremost a swimming club, our swimmers are part of the local community and we aim to help them develop as individuals as well as swimmers so that they can proudly represent WNSC to the highest standard.

General Squad Values and Expectations

  • Be honest and think about what is the right thing to do – it’s not always the easy option.
  • Be committed to being the best you can be - Always give your best and be coachable i.e. prepared to listen to the coach and work effectively to meet training targets and long term goals.
  • Be well behaved and respectful to the coaching staff, swimmers, officials and poolside helpers both at training and competition.
  • Have fun and support each other, be positive, enjoy training and value competition but remember to respect your opponent and be a good sportsperson at all times.
  • Arrive on time for all sessions and with the correct kit.
  • Enter designated competitions for your squad and enter a wide range of events.
  • Be available to represent the club at team galas for which you are selected.
  • Aim to achieve goals for yourself not to please others.

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Hunstanton Junior Potential

Hunstanton Junior Development

Hunstanton Junior Competitive

Junior Development

Junior Potential

Junior Competitive

Junior Performance

Youth Performance

Youth Club

Youth Competitive

Senior Club

Senior Performance