279 swimmers, representing 8 clubs from across Norfolk took part in the Warwick Thompson Memorial Gala at Thetford’s Waterworld pool last weekend. It is a development meet specifically to cater for young or inexperienced swimmers and gives those who didn’t qualify for the recent Norfolk Championships an opportunity to compete in a County run event. Warwick Thompson learned to swim as an adult, joined Norwich Swan to learn life-saving and began entering Masters swimming events. It didn’t take him long to get involved as a volunteer. He became known to all in Norfolk as the “voice” of swimming and was indeed happiest behind a microphone commentating on races at Club, County and Regional galas.  
Warwick died in 2016 after battling cancer for a number of years just before he was due to take office as President of Norfolk ASA, a mantle which his wife, Jean assumed in his stead. He was highly respected by all in the swimming community and it is fitting tribute that someone who contributed so much to swimming locally, is remembered in this way.
It is a gala where the less experienced swimmers learn how to take their training into racing, and the more experienced swimmers focus on pre and post pool as well as performing the racing skills well.   It was really good to see swimmers supporting each other throughout the competition, making sure that their supporters had plenty of action to watch and the results gave them plenty to cheer about.
The swimmers from West Norfolk Swimming Club amassed a haul of 44 gold, 38 silver and 19 bronze medals alongside a huge number of personal best ever times.

50m freestyle – GOLD – Kayleigh Rudd 16yrs/over. SILVER – Eloise Collins 11 yrs. BRONZE – George Evans 14yrs.
100m freestyle – GOLD – Milly Johnson 10yrs, Daisy Stimpson 11yrs , Ned Steele 10yrs. SILVER – Rhianna Clayton 13yrs.
200m freestyle – GOLD – Elyn Lauder 13yrs, Thomas-Arthur Jagger 11yrs. SILVER – Thomas Garnett 13yrs. BRONZE – Daisy Stimpson 11yrs, Sophie Doig 14yrs
50m backstroke – GOLD – Elise Clayton 16/over, Charles Prout 12yrs, Thomas Garnett 13yrs. SILVER – Esmee King 13yrs, Thomas Elsdon 10 yrs, BRONZE – Belle Ringwood 10yrs, Marek Jakoniuk 11yrs, George Evans, 14 yrs.
100m backstroke – GOLD – Milly Johnson 10yrs, Daisy Stimpson 11yrs, Ned Steele 10yrs, Charles Prout 12yrs.  SILVER – Eliza Steele 12yrs, Pemberley Hornigold 13yrs, Marek Jakoniuk 11yrs, Thomas Garnett 13yrs. BRONZE – Elyn Lauder 13yrs, Elise Clayton 16/over, Tom Bollebakker 13yrs.
200m backstroke – GOLD – Erin Woodrow 13yrs, George Evans 14yrs. SILVER – Esmee King 13yrs, Thomas Garnett 13yrs, Alexander Bryan 16/over. BRONZE – Erin Curl 16/over.
50m breaststroke – GOLD – Milly  Johnson 10yrs, Poppy Peebles 12 yrs Rhianna Clayton 13 yrs. SILVER – Erin Woodrow 13yrs, Matilda Loram 15yrs, Kayleigh Rudd 16yrs, Thomas Elsdon 10yrs, Thomas Arthur Jagger 11yrs, BRONZE – Marek Jakoniuk 11 yrs, , George Evans 14yrs
100m breaststroke – GOLD – Milly Johnson 10yrs, Megan Jones, 12 yrs (joint), Rhianna Clayton 13yrs, Edward Murray 12yrs. SILVER – Megan Jones 12yrs, Erin Woodrow 13yrs, Matilda Loram 15yrs, Kayleigh Rudd 16/over
George Evans 14yrs. 
200m breaststroke -GOLD – Erin Woodrow 13yrs, George Evans 14yrs. SILVER – Pemberley Hornigold 13yrs, Kayleigh Rudd 16/over. BRONZE – Jake Campbell-Maughan 13yrs.
50m butterfly – GOLD – Eliza Butcher 11yrs, Pemberley Hornigold 13yrs, Bethan Jones 13yrs, Elise Clayton 16/over. SILVER – Belle Ringwood 10yrs, Charlie Hill 11yrs, Thomas Elsdon 10yrs. BRONZE – Hollie Knapman 12yrs, Finn Bollebakker 10yrs, George Evans 14yrs.
100m butterfly – GOLD – Milly Johnson 10yrs, Megan Jones 12yrs Esmee King 13yrs, Bethan Jones 14yrs, Elise Clayton 16/over, Thomas-Arthur Jagger 11 yrs. SILVER – Libby Collins 14yrs, Thomas Garnett 13yrs. BRONZE – George Evans 14yrs.
200m butterfly -GOLD – Esmie King 13yrs. Libby Collins 14yrs, Erin Curl 16/over, Thomas-Arthur Jagger 11yrs, Nathan Yeaman 13yrs, Harry Johnson 14yrs, Alexander Bryan 16/over. SILVER – Erin Woodrow 13yrs, Elise Clayton 16yrs/over.
100m individual medley – GOLD – Milly Johnson 10yrs, Rhys Burrell 13yrs. SILVER – Daisy Stimpson 11yrs, Thomas-Arthur Jagger 11yrs, Charles Prout 12yrs, George Evans 14yrs. BRONZE –
200m individual medley – GOLD – Eloise Collins 11yrs Elyn Lauder 13yrs, Kayleigh Rudd 16/over. SILVER – Rhianna Clayton 13yrs, Bethan jones 14yrs, Erin Curl 16/over, Edward Murray 12yrs, Thomas Garnet 13yrs. BRONZE – Megan Jones 12yrs, Erin Woodrow 13yrs, Elise Clayton 16/over